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Subject: A New DNA Project for Joab, Job, Jobe, Jobs, Jobes
Author: ajobebrown
Date: 01 November 2014
Classification: Query

I'm please to announce that a new DNA project for the Joab, Job, Jobb, Jobe, Jobes, Jobs surnames was recentlly started and that I'm now the administrator.. Most who have researched Jobe surname know me well. Not only do I maintain the extensive surname website, Jobe, Job, Jobes, Jobes: Links to Great information, but I'm also the administrator of the Jobe and Job surname boards and manage the Job mailing list. This project is open to YDNA testees who carry the Jobe surname or have a ydna match with a Jobe testee,. Those who descend from a Jobe female, or have Jobe ff matches are also encouraged to join me at the Jobe DNA Project at Ftdna.. Hope to see you there.